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Straight Pride

So let’s tackle this issue once and for all: Straight people DON’T need “Straight Pride”.

One downfall of being part of the LGBT+ community is that we face opposition on a daily basis; Whether from keyboard warriors hiding behind the safety of social media, or a simpleton who can’t bear to sit at the same table as us – it’s just a part of our everyday lives.

NEWSFLASH: We are just as human as heterosexuals are… Revolutionary, I know! We eat, drink, and breathe just as much as straight people do. So why are we still facing stigma in this day and age? Granted, society has come a very long way in the past 30 years or so, but attitudes are still changing.

The LGBT+ community needs pride. Straight people do not. You can find a heterosexual everywhere you look; Social media, fashion, fragrance adverts, literature, movies etc. – the representation already exists. On the flip side, how often do you walk down the high street and see two men or two women erotically intertwined on a poster in order to sell a bottle of perfume?

Simply looking round a restaurant will make you realise how many straight couples hold hands over the table, staring into each other’s eyes and being gooey – because they can. So why don’t we see other gender combinations doing the same as often? Yes, we are a rarer species, but we can be made to feel uncomfortable purely for so much as existing. One recollection of my own involved lunch with a friend in a wine bar when the bigot next to us chose to lean over, ask if I was gay and promptly leave after. I’m not here to hide away and I’m not here to be bothered by it. Yet, this is just one tiny example of the prejudices against us.

Yes, I know a lot of other people have it worse off than I do – but that doesn’t invalidate this individual’s small-minded act against me.

Pride is an international event held all over the world to celebrate people being who they are. It creates a safe haven where people can be who they are with no repercussions. Previously called Gay Pride, Pride has been renamed in order to be inclusive of everyone and there is nothing to say that straight people can’t attend.

So why not accept that Pride is there to celebrate everybody and quit wishing for a straight pride exclusively? Find yourself your nearest venue and get yourself down there – it’s guaranteed to provide an awesome day out for anyone. Let’s face it, it’s arranged by LGBT+ people mainly and as the saying goes…”Gays do it better!”

Click to see a list of Prides for UK & Ireland here!


Written by Callum Cobb

Instagram: ccobb54

Email: callum@thegailymail.com


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