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Sense8 Finale

Ladies, Gentlemen and variances thereupon… It is with great remorse that I report to you, the end of an era.

It’s here.


The end of Sense8

The ever-magical Wachowski Sisters are waving their Sense8 wands one last time to bring us the final episode: A two hour long special to give us the answers we so desperately desire.

The Netflix Original Series follows eight individuals dotted around the globe, who unbeknownst to them, share a psychic connection. This connection, once birthed by the mysterious Angelica, allows them to share physical skills, knowledge and language abilities to name but a few.

Sense8 has become celebrated by the LGBT+ community for it’s unapologetic representation – the way TV should be. I.E. Jamie Clayton, a transgender actress, plays the part of Nomi Marks: a transgender woman. If that isn’t representation to the max then I don’t know what is.

Sense8 ran from 2015 before having the plug pulled by Netflix last year as the episodes were hitting a high budget. Luckily, the world screamed! Enthusiasts across the world clustered together to get the answers they needed – and what would be better than a two hour long special to round it off?

TheĀ finale will be available to stream on Netflix on June 8.

Written by Callum Cobb

Instagram: ccobb54

Email: callum@thegailymail.com

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