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Pride 2018

Today is the day of celebration, as the U.K. continues to celebrate Pride with London’s fabulously famous Pride parade and parties in the heart of London. Last year familiar faces, celebrity besties, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid made an appearance at the parade, to show their support for the LGBT community and to live it up in the always glamorous London party life.


Whether you’re gay, straight, or whatever your orientation is, everyone seems to get together on Pride to show nothing but love and support for one another, and to have nothing but a good time, showing that all that our generation has been doing to work toward equality for all kinds of people, no matter their sexuality, race, gender etc… we as humans are moving in the right direction and one day hopefully we can all live in coalition in society without prejudice, rather than in division because of a person’s differences, to prove that bigotry, racism, homophobia, and all of that is a thing of the past. Our society is definitely improving and is far better in terms of equality these days, than it once was compared to previous years in history.

One thing I have learned though in my life, is that acceptance shouldn’t come from anyone else but yourself. The whole world can be behind you and you can be loved by all, but if you don’t truly love and accept yourself as you are – who you really are, not the person you let the world see, but the ordinary human being, who isn’t perfect and who isn’t always right, with normal emotions like everybody else, then it all means nothing, because feeling truly accepted comes from the heart, not from how many friends you have, how many followers you’ve accumulated on social media platforms, or how beautiful people tell you, you are. Acceptance is loving you for the good and the bad, and yes it’s nice to feel accepted by society and those who you look up to and love, but sometimes those who seem to be surrounded by people who adore them, feel the loneliest and have the lowest self-esteem and don’t really love themselves for who they are, not the façade they put on to show the world.

And that’s what Pride is about, being proud of yourself and for showing the world who you really are and not being ashamed, or worrying about what others may think. Opening up is never easy, but when someone allows themselves to be completely vulnerable and let down their walls and become fully open and honest with those around them, whether they accept them or not, will leave them feeling like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders.
Don’t let this world full of hate and corruption keep you from being you. Be you, do you and forget the others boo. Don’t hide who you are. Be proud and remember what Pride is really about.


Evan Terry

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