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A short interview with Patricia Velasquez

So, if you’ve been keeping up with my previous misadventures (and if you haven’t, why not?), you’ll know that I’ve been lucky enough to be working alongside the brilliant-minded team behind Hunter Lee Hughes’ directorial debut of “Guys Reading Poems”.
Combining poetry, traditional film narrative and a neo-noir aesthetic, “Guys Reading Poems” follows a creative boy who uses poetry to survive after his mother, a disturbed avant-garde painter, locks him in a puppet box and creates an art installation around his imprisonment.
With access to the cast, The Gaily Mail have been given a short interview with Patricia Valesquez (The Mummy). Ironically, this mummy is played by Patricia herself – no bandages required! Check out the interview below!

THE GAILY MAIL: How does your character’s story relate to your own experience as a member of the LGBT+ community?

PATRICIA: I guess mostly as a gay woman, I felt like an outsider until I came out. That feeling of being left out but wanting so badly to be understood made me relate to this character.

TGM: Were you able to draw from personal experience to fuel your character’s emotions?

P: Always. One can always find a place where to relate to the character in our experiences and draw from it. What’s must important is to never judge the character or yourself or have an idea of what it should look like.

TGM: Were there any particular poems from the film that you found yourself relating to and why?

P: “I want a lover” is my favorite poem Maybe it was Hunter’s beautiful interpretation that, together, with his profound words, made me feel vulnerable to my core.

TGM: With Guys Reading Poems being so stylized, how did you find it differed from anything you have done before?

P: Artists should take risks. This piece was about a wonderful, truthful and daring vision from Hunter. We all became taken by him. It was so worth it and I feel like we’ve made history a bit.

TGM: What’s next on the agenda for yourself?

P: I have a great movie coming out in a few months from New Line Cinema called The Children.

Written by Callum Cobb

Instagram: ccobb54

Email: callum@thegailymail.com


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