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Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve – the pinnacle event of every club and bar around the world… The penultimate chance for clubbers everywhere to squeeze in some last minute grinding on the nearest pole and downing as many Jägerbombs as the human body can possibly handle! The mission is on: to find your midnight kiss before the clock strikes 12 in true Cinderella style.

The start of my night involved racing to Cheltenham in true Fast & Furious style, revving my car beyond its limits – Okay so that might be a little overdramatised but it would never have been a box office hit were it called “Speedy & Slightly Agitated”- tunes blaring and the smell of hairspray piercing the interior. I was ready for my 1 drink of the night!

As I launched onto the dancefloor, Vodka and Red bull in hand, the all-too familiar beats of an-all time classic drummed through the floor… The YMCA.  Heads turned towards the dance floor as gays dashed through the crowd and nearly dived onto the dance floor, unanimously throwing arms and consequently, alcohol, into the air.

My quote of the night from the guy next to me: “I love gay music!”

My question of the night: What makes music gay?

Don’t get me wrong: We all love a playlist stuffed with Diana Ross, The Village People and Britney but does that make you Dorothy’s bezzie mate? Probably not but it doesn’t hurt to try new things right? Perhaps we could take a leaf out of Bristol’s very own Drag Queen, Ruby Rawbone…


Famous for donning her handbags, gladrags and a beard bigger than my aspirations, Ruby regularly takes to the stage delivering renditions of Tenacious D like you’ve never heard! With plenty of flashing lights, electric guitar and more rock and roll that The Beatles (nearly), Ruby delivers a great gig on the regular to her fans.

However, leave your expectations at the door as you won’t find any Gloria Gaynor in Ruby’s repertoire, although she does do a fine version of Bette Midler’s infamous “I Put A Spell On You” from Disney’s Hocus Pocus!

So is any form of music inherently “gay”? On the other hand, is any music particularly “straight”? Or are we concerning ourselves with terminology that shouldn’t need to apply? After all, if music be the food of love, play on…

That’s right – I know Shakespeare…

Written by Callum Cobb

Email: callum@thegailymail.com


For more information on Ruby’s antics, take a look at her Facebook page here

Photo Credits: Stephan Hinc, Photographer at Burlesque Wonderland

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