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HALLELUJAH – A Circus/Queer Film – Gay Love, Hate & Religion.

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My goal is to create performance art that inspires a kinder world for the queer community by challenging social norms, raising questions and starting conversations. I am creating a series of conceptual videos about gender identity, human nature, queer culture and how the world treats individuals who are “different” but exactly the same. The challenge for me is that video production can be very expensive, so please subscribe and stay connected through instagram/facebook to help make future projects possible! By creating performance art that evokes emotion and is undeniably beautiful, I hope to use these creations to deliver important social messages and open minds towards a kinder future. “Hallelujah” is a concept about choosing kindness, regardless of your religion or beliefs. It tells the story of an individual troubled by the hate in the world, and his partner who is trying to lift him up, and remind him that’s he is beautiful the way he is. This video is inspired by all the hate messages I received after my first creation “THE ARROW”… It is inspired by the protestors I see at every pride with signs of hate. Using religion as a weapon seems so backwards to me. My message is that religion should inspire more kindness and open arms, even towards those you may not understand.

A Film by MATTHEW RICHARDSON | @circusspinner

Director of Creation | Concept + Choreography DAMIAN SIQUEIROS @damiansiqueirosphoto

Creative Producer | Production Director | Artistic Advisor GUILLAUME PAQUIN + ARTHUR MOREL VAN HYFTE

Featured Artists + Choreography MAX MACHADO


Assistant Camera + BTS AZIZ ZOROMBA

Assistant Camera + BTS ROMAIN RABASA Grip

MUSIC – “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

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