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Guys Reading Poems

We’ve all been told sometime in our lives that if you really put your mind to it, you can achieve anything – or my favourite version of it: “If you believe, you will achieve and when you achieve, you will believe” – Cheesy but I love it!

Obviously, the level of achievement depends entirely on what it is you want to bring to fruition… Can I finish this entire pizza by myself? Yes. Can I survive on nothing but coffee and wine and yet, act like I have a balanced diet with all the nutrition my body needs? Absolutely! Can the LGBT+ community conquer homophobia, transphobia and all the other phobias under this colourful spectrum? Not just yet, but trust us, we’re working on it!

With LGBT+ attitudes becoming much more prominent within communities, acceptance for everyone is slowly but surely creeping into the daily attitudes of everyone around us. Whether its tolerance or actively attending Pride festivals, every step makes a difference and as we all know, the proof is in the pudding. Just take a look at the media, for instance. Movies with more LGBT+ protagonists are in high demand. Representation is on the increase people!

If you haven’t seen an LGBT+ movie yet, I can tell you – it’s not all Julie Andrews and rainbows and singing etc. Many of these gems aren’t strikingly gay but come with a more underlying message such as Hunter Lee Hughes’  “Guys Reading Poems.”

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“In this dreamlike feature film, a resilient boy uses poetry and his imagination to survive abuse when his artistic mother (Patricia Valesquez, The Mummy films) loses her sanity after her lothario husband (Alexander Dreymon, The Last Kingdom) leaves town with his stunningly beautiful mistress (Lydia Hearst). This mysterious, noir-influenced indie reveals the unseen scars of a creative, but troubled family. Eight-year old Luke Judy (Christos Vasilopoulos, The Last Ship) and Rex Lee (Entourage) round out the cast of the directorial debut of Hunter Lee Hughes, which won four awards on the festival circuit and is now coming out across digital platforms via Gravitas Ventures.”

Luckily for myself and for The Gaily Mail, I’ve been allowed access to interviews with this stunning cast and all I’ll say is watch this space!

Watch the trailer here

Written by Callum Cobb

Instagram: ccobb54


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