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The digital age – a weird and wonderful thing. We can pluck information out of thin air with the press of a screen; we can control heating, fridges and televisions from the other side of the planet; we can even drive cars without needing a driver – who knows just how far we can go!

We can also connect with a whole community with the use of one symbol: the hashtag. Whether it’s #DumpTrump or #IWokeUpLikeThis, this one tiny symbol has the power to connect us with thousands of like-minded individuals across the globe. Pictures viewed, followers upped and campaigns started – is there anything it can’t do?

You see them everywhere you look in today’s society – fashion, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on and so forth. Some you may find just ridiculous such as #GayLunch… because eating lunch is so outrageously heterosexual nowadays…

So why do we need #Gay?

In short: Representation.

With the LGBT+ community becoming more and more prevalent and accepted, we still only make up an average of 2% of the population. Apps such as Grindr, Chappy and Bumble work wonders for finding other LGBT+ people in this vast world; but for those without access to the above, we need a presence. This little hash tag allows us to do just that.

Just one photo on Instagram may not get you Instagram Celebrity status, but add a few hashtags on and the world can find you. With so few of us in this scandal-causing, powerful and wonderful group, we need the power of hash tags to stick together and make our voices heard. Should you need an example, feel free to check out my Instagram  (shamelessly self-plugging).

The power to connect is astounding when used correctly… and who knows, I may even find myself a new buddy for #GayLunch!

Written by Callum Cobb

Instagram: ccobb54

Email: callum@thegailymail.com


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