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Charmed’s back!

We are human and we need to be loved… in particular, all of us who want to be Charmed! Yes, Yass, and YAAASS! Charmed is back in a modern, stylish and bewitching new re-boot featuring three sisters and an overtly different take on the Halliwell dynasty. It is now time our admired trio of witches have their way with a fresh new look for the limelight ahead.

It remains to be seen whether or not this reboot will suffer from the wrath of any reboot haters out there, but personally, I can’t wait to see what 12 years of High-Def technology and an attitude change to race and culture can do for these lovely ladies.

I’ve got one small qualm about this though: how far will the creators take this new reboot? Charmed was an important series for many of us growing up as children during the 90s and 2000s; The entire premise of the show allowed me to become the empowered, strong and independent individual I knew I wanted to be.

Like these witches, I was 1 of 3 siblings… but unlike these witches, I wasn’t lucky enough to escape into a world where I was more than just a closeted child fighting my inner Cole Turner (gay demon of course). These spellbound women were lucky enough to leave a world of the norm and delve into a captivating and exciting new life; something I couldn’t to do for another 7 years. So here begs the question: How important will this show be for the LGBT+ community in helping young and fearful gays to come out of that magical closet?

I can’t help wondering if the writers (aside from the obvious cast change and the direct empowerment of feminist ideology) might have the audacity to introduce an element of sexuality into this series – but for the young gays out there, let’s hope they do. With Netflix being the lead for showcasing sexuality with shows such as Sense8, 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale, it’s the perfect opportunity to persist with the themes of today. Clearly, there are certainly some issues that need addressing in our modern and cultured LGBT+ society, so how can we see this being interpreted within the new series of Charmed? Forget your letter to Hogwarts; I wanna find myself reading the Book of Shadows in an attic in the Angelino Heights.

…And for all the haters out there – on your broom love…


Charmed will air in the autumn on CBS

Written by Alexander J Evans

Instagram: theamazingahhlex

Email: callum@thegailymail.com

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