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Anti-LGBT laws take effect in Brunei

How, and why, have we as a species regressed to medieval punishments? Following the declaration from the Sultan of Brunei, it has now come to a point where adultery and anal sex are now punishable by stoning to death in the small South-East Asian Nation. These despicable punishments have become prevalent once more after the Sultan called for “stronger” Islamic teachings.

In a world with growing levels of acceptance and tolerance, we can all but ponder as to how this has been allowed to occur. The fight for LGBT acceptance has once again, taken an incredible hit. In a public address, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah stated: “I want to see Islamic teachings in this country grow stronger,” according to AFP news agency.

In the run-up to the act being implemented, celebrities such as George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres have take to their social media accounts to beg their followers to take action such as boycotting hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei; such as The Dorchester in London and 45 Park Lane.

But of course, we cannot simply leave it to the celebrities to act. Thousands have already taken to signing petitions in order to stand against this despicable violation of human rights.

According to the BBC, the following “offences” are punishable under the changes to Brunei’s penal code:

“The law mostly applies to Muslims, including children who have reached puberty, though some aspects will apply to non-Muslims.

Under the new laws, individuals accused of certain acts will be convicted if they confess or if there were witnesses present.

Individuals who have not reached puberty but are convicted of certain offences may be instead subjected to whipping.”

While humans are supposedly the most intelligent species on Earth, I’m personally swaying towards letting the Dolphins have a turn at running the show.

Written by Callum Cobb
Instagram: ccobb54
Email: callum@thegailymail.com

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