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Why you should know about Ednita Nazario

She is one of the best advocates for the LGBTS community, She has featured a gay couple in other videos and when she does anything gay-related she takes a hit. Here is more info on her. In the picture, she kissed Kany Garcia (She is also Puerto Rican and a Lesbian) Cause every time they try to silence her she does something bigger. She has always been pro-equality She will embrace all that she is and for Latinos to see that one of their biggest stars supports them against the world if it is necessary.

“Ednita Nazario, affectionately known as “La Diosa del Rock” or “The Goddess of Rock” by her many fans, is one of Puerto Rico’s biggest stars. A composer, singer, actor, and guitarist, Ednita’s love for her home country shows through in all of her music. Her music is impassioned and profound, her lyrics both deeply personal and universal, and so it is no wonder she has been met with such global acclaim.”

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Lo NUEVO de Ednita Nazario — No Vuelvas! Disponible en todas las plataformas!Ver: https://youtu.be/efCkFGFRmUgAll…

Posted by Ednita Nazario on Thursday, 19 March 2020

Here is Ednitas website here: www.ednita.com

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