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Ricky Martin has joined the cast of FX’s Versace: American Crime Story.

The pop singer will join Penelope Cruz, Darren Criss and Edgar Ramirez in Ryan Murphy’s third installment of his FX franchise.

He will play the role of Gianni Versace’s partner Antonio D’Amico in the series documenting the fashion designer’s murder, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Openly gay Martin will star as Versace’s long-time love, who dated the designer for 15 years before his murder.


Ricky, 45, who has starred in Evita on Broadway, also acted on soap operas before hitting it big as a solo star.
Versace will be the third installment in the American Crime Story series, but fans will have a long while to wait as the second installment based on Hurricane Katrina has not begun airing yet.


Versace was shot in broad daylight outside of his Miami home in 1997 by 27-year-old Andrew Cunanan, a California native who went on a cross-country killing spree before committing suicide.


Zero Dark Thirty actor Edgar Ramirez will play the iconic fashion designer.

The role of Andrew Cunanan will be played by former Glee star Darren Criss.

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While a direct motive for Versace’s murder is unclear, a Vanity Fair article details Cunanan as a gay man obsessed with fashion culture.
According to the report, Cunanan had partied with Versace in San Francisco before he shot him in the head in Miami on July 15, 1997.


Gianni’s sister Donatella took over the fashion brand after her brother’s murder. She will be portrayed by Penelope Cruz in the series.


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