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EP – ”Love Elastic”

”Because true love isn’t possessive, it is flexible, it morphs through time and doesn’t break. It is elastic…”

Basically the 7 tracks are about love in the 21st Century; from passion to sex, from impersonal Grindr to super-romanticism, from deep friendship to brotherhood, from self-love to the love of our planet– or lack of it. All in a very self-deprecative tone, which is my trademark by now. I always laugh at me so that others can do the same to themselves.

Music and production; Eryck Wyseman
Vocals, visuals, production and artistic direction; Van Hechter
Trumpets; Stephen Menold
Video; Andras Toth

Where can I find Love Elastic?

Pre-order link; https://music.apple.com/us/album/love-elastic/1520711984

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