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President Obama awarded the 21 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Among those recipients were Ellen DeGeneres, Diana Ross and Tom Hanks.

The comedian was praised during the ceremony for her three decade long career, in which she spent time “lifting our spirits” and bringing “joy to our lives.

“In every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated,” the speaker said. This is surely a lesson that has never been more timely or necessary to remember.

Ellen was also praised for her “courage” and her “candor.”

“Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place so long as we just keep swimming,” the speaker concluded.

Though a happy moment, Ellen was clearly feeling very emotional; she shed a rare tear or two as Obama awarded her with her medal.

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