Gay Bars

Everyone loves a night out – whether you’re looking to get absolutely bladdered or just go out socially, we all know that the place to be is the local gay bar. With drag queens galore, gay bars are known as probably the most accepting environment around.

But now I pose to you, an unpopular opinion: We shouldn’t have gay bars anymore.

Outrageous I know! But hear me out…

One of the main purposes of a gay bar is to provide a safe place for those who want some where to go without being judged, bullied or mistreated in any manner. With homophobia still rife in our big old world, we still need gay bars as a haven. Our way of keeping the homophobes out and being in an environment that screams “Just be you”.

In a modern day and age where men can marry men, women can marry women and civil partnerships are for everybody; are we really still waiting for the world to accept us? I don’t question the LGBT+ community here, merely the world. Our way of life should be way past caring who has feelings for who – being LGBT+ is no longer a scandal that should require a retreat. Or if it did, it’d better be a free week-long 5-star cruise round the Caribbean…

I would never suggest that we should ever rid ourselves of our beloved gay bars or that they should ever lose business because let’s face it – they’re the best type of bars out there! Regardless of your identity or label, you can always guarantee a cracking night in your local gay bar. Simply put, we shouldn’t have the need for them – everywhere should be a safe haven and everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. After all, how can we expect to tackle the larger problems in life if we can’t all accept each other within our own community?

Food for thought?

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