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Gus Kenworthy, Caitlyn Jenner Take Money to Party with Homophobes who have introduced Sharia Law.

How desperate are you for money that you will take cash to support people who are taking away your rights.

Gus Kenworthy, Caitlyn Jenner Party were paid to party with the Anti-Gay Ruler’s Son, Prince Azim of Brunei.


Openly gay snowboarder Gus Kenworthy and transgender former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner both appeared in a now-deleted photo on Kenworthy’s Instagram account (above) showing the two with Kenworthy’s boyfriend at the London-based birthday party of Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim of Brunei (pictured above on the right).

Brunei is a small nation on the island of Borneo in the South China Sea — it punishes homosexuality with 10 years in prison and, in recent years, instated laws making homosexuality subject to death by stoning.
Blogger Kenneth Walsh uncovered the photo and blasted the athletes on Twitter saying “shame on them.”

His reaction makes sense: why are two queer athletes partying with the son of an anti-gay monarch? There’s three reasons we can think of:


1) Prince Azim’s parties.

Prince Azim is known for being a paparazzi favorite who throws lavish parties with celebrities like Mariah Carey, Faye Dunaway, Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson. Considering that Azim’s father is worth an estimated $20 billion, the parties are probably pretty bangin’ and involve alcohol, even though the consumption of alcohol by Muslims (like Azim) is illegal in his home country. The celebrity guests are paid large sums of money too appear- Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were reportedly paid £5mill each too attend .


However the arrangement did not work out for Michael Jackson, after the Prince and his father sued Micheal for the money back after Michael Jackson, declined to co-duet with the Prince (wannabe singer) on his music album. Some say that the legal stress caused by the royal family is what resulted in Michaels death.

2) Prince Azim might be gay

Rumors abound that Prince Azim might actually be gay. If that’s true, it makes sense for him to have gay and trans friends, but it also flies in the face of his country’s laws (i.e. as part of the ruling family, he doesn’t have to follow them), even as other LGBT Bruneians get thrown in prison or worse; it’s unclear whether the country has ever used its anti-gay death penalty, but it certainly exists.

In fact, in 2014, celebrities like lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and straight musician John Legend joined a boycott of hotels owned by Azim’s father because of his country’s anti-gay and anti-adultery laws.


Note: Before the introduction of Sharia law, the Princes Parties were well publicised in such magazines like Hello and Ok. Many celebrities and press are aware of the Royal Families treatment towards the LGBT community, which is why we do not see them adorned by real celebrities anymore and in the pages of western magazines and press. So were Gus and Caitlyn just naive (if so just make apology) or were they so desperate for the cash.


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