• Hope & Despair - Alan Wild
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    Hope & Despair – Alan Wild

    Who is Alan Wild? As a gay mystery writer, Alan focuses on telling stories that bring excitement, adventure and stirs emotion, every turn of the page. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his husband, two dogs, a grumpy macaw and…

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    Warwick Rowers turn 10!

    So if you haven’t heard of these guys, where have you been?! The wonderful Warwick Rowers come together year on year to valiantly discard their clothing and bare all for charity! The tasteful calendars leave just enough to the imagination…

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    Sense8 Finale

    Ladies, Gentlemen and variances thereupon… It is with great remorse that I report to you, the end of an era. It’s here. Finally. The end of Sense8… The ever-magical Wachowski Sisters are waving their Sense8 wands one last time to…

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    Warwick Rowers

    My attention was recently drawn to the Warwick Rowers website.  And there, on the home page, in all its youthful glory, dressed in purple (occasional draped in purple) was a collection of (very tasteful) photos of very well honed (young)…

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      The digital age – a weird and wonderful thing. We can pluck information out of thin air with the press of a screen; we can control heating, fridges and televisions from the other side of the planet; we can…

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